In these times, with its rapid social en cultural developments, keeping up old traditions is of considerable value to our historical awareness. Our folkloristic dance group, the “Achterhookse Folkloredansers”, has done so for more than seventy-five years! The members of this association, which was founded in 1937, all live in and around Ruurlo, a village in the middle of the Achterhoek, a rural district in the east of the Netherlands. The members meet every fortnight on the ‘delle’ (treshing-floor) of a former farmhouse, to enjoy a good old-fashioned dance evening together, accompanied by the cheerful sounds of the accordion. The “Achterhookse Folkloredansers” commit themselves to preserving the regional folklore and presenting this valuable cultural heritage to the world. They often perform their regional folkloristic dances throughout the Netherlands as well as abroad. On these occasions the group members wear the traditional regional costumes that were in fashion during the second half of the nineteenth century. The cheerful dances alternate with fascinating stories, amusing anecdotes and beautiful poems about the traditional way of life in the countryside before the Second World War: working hard for a living on the farm but also the natural community spirit and mutual aid and assistance, the so-called ‘naoberschap’.

The traditional festivals, the old customs, the distinction of different social classes and the strict rules for unmarried men and women during the second half of the nineteenth century, are illustrated by the dances and recitals of poems and stories. The Achterhookse Folkloredansers are invited regularly to festive occasions such as street fairs, trade fairs and other public events, as well as in care homes or hospitals.

We will gladly perform our dances on your festival, on your street fair or in your care home. On our website you will find extensive photo reports of previous performances, as well as other information about our association and the folklore of our region.

If you want information of our group, please contact :

Rita van den Berg,
’t Gotink 27
7261 VE Ruurlo, NL.
Tel: 0031 573 45 24 51
Email: info@achterhooksefolkloredansers.nl

Where can you find us… Please use the map to find Ruurlo (Netherlands) en plan your route.